Primasecco Sortiment

fresh enjoyment

Whether  in fashionable bars and restaurants or on your balcony at home – our seducing Trio evokes Mediterranean ease during the whole year. Besides of our original PRIMASECCO Vino Frizzante made of grapes from the Northern Italian Veneto region PRIMASECCO Sprizz and PRIMASECCO Hugo are part of the classic ready to drink fine pearly aperitifs.

Vino Frizzante

Our fresh and exciting PRIMA­SECCO Vino Frizzante owes its fine fruit character exclusively to the sun-spoilt grapes from the hills of the picturesque Veneto region, lying between Lake Garda and the gates of Venice. It’s Mediterranean origins are reflected in its taste, with its vivacity, its fruity dry flavour and mellow character. PRIMA­SECCO Vino Frizzante lends a uniqueness to those special moments in our lives.


In fashionable bars and restaurants or garden parties, our fruity, dry  PRIMASECCO Sprizz classic finds its fans everywhere. It is based on our vivacious PRIMA­SECCO Vino Frizzante. With the addition of choice bitter orange, it becomes the refreshingly iconic PRIMASECCO Sprizz that stimulates all our taste buds.


Our cheeky, fresh PRIMASECCO Hugo has now become the life and soul of every party – and fashionable bars and restaurants can not do without it. It com­bines finest PRIMA­SECCO Vino Frizzante with fragrant elderflower syrup, aromatic mint and natural mineral water
– rounded off with a dash of lemon.