Pure refreshment, best quality ingredients and an extensive product range packed in an elegant design – Great Royal Kingers puts the crown on the market for bitter soft drinks.

Whether as a mixer with top-quality spirits, for the creation of first-class cocktails or on its own with ice – as a charismatically refreshing alternative to sweet fruit-based soft drinks, Great Royal Kingers always cuts a fine figure in a glass and wins everyone over with its authentically exciting taste. And yet, with all our products, we totally abstain from the addition of quinine and replace this with premium-quality natural extracts.

Kingers Tonic Water


This drink, which was once the favourite of the British colonial classes, can look back on a centuries-old tradition. And indeed, its taste is steeped in history: bitter, tart and charismatic – it lends an expressive character to every long drink and cocktail. Solo on ice, Kingers Tonic Water has its own special taste experience. The bitter, tart aroma comes from the addition of extracts from fermented juniper berries and the Brazilian Quassia tree. This means that there is no need for any quinine.

Kingers Bitter Lemon


This fruity and tart classic is given a new life. Here, too, we abstain from the use of quinine and replace this with premium-quality extracts from fermented juniper berries and the Brazilian Quassia tree. This gives our Kingers Bitter Lemon its bitter character. Its fruity, bubbly basic flavour comes directly from selected citrus fruits.

Kingers Ginger Ale


Our Kingers Ginger Ale distinguishes itself with its toned-down sweetness and the delicately fiery aroma from the ginger root. The perfect balance of these nuances in taste is what makes it the classic mixer for a variety of long drinks and cocktails. But, even on its own, it knows how to win you over with its refreshingly natural character. 

Kingers Spicy Ginger


Would like a little more? KINGERS SPICY GINGER has the same range of tastes as our Ginger Ale, but with an extra shot of ginger. This gives it a refreshingly distinctive spiciness and an unmistakably notable character.


Kingers Royal Cola extends the Kingers product range with a classic soft drink. But that’s not quite true! It is in fact much more of a royal, new interpretation of that brown cult drink from Texas: it has that classic cola taste, but refined with the flavour of sun-ripened cherries and an extra shot of caffeine. Whether on its own or as a mixer in many a cocktail or long drink –
try it and discover how exciting cola can be!