Gansloser Destillerie

GANSLOSER - distillery since 1905


The GANSLOSER distillery – a manufactory committed to enjoyment. Founded in 1905 by Johann Georg Frey, beverage
specialists oft the Überkinger GmbH continue to guarantee the traditional exquisite quality of Gansloser spirits.
Since over 100 years noble spirits and liqueurs are created with premium quality. Gansloser spirits are conquering
international markets since being shipped overseas in 1972. Nowadays over 150 wholsalers, the leading retailers, best cocktail bars
as well as star gastronomy appreciate the unique harmonious elegance and complex fruit richness of our products. Especially in the
past 15 years Gansloser spirits claimed their place worldwide. There are two main factors for the unique position of our finest spirits.
First of all we only use healthy, fully riped fruits from the best growing regions worldwide. Location, climate and maturity are as
important as organic cultivation or growing under ecological aspects. The second factor is the technical brilliance of our master
Distillers. We distill after old traditional and homemade recipes. Always having the goal in mind: Exact on the extract.



GANSLOSER spirits are distilled according to our old recipes and delight with their richness of aroma as well as natural mildness. It is about mastering the fine line between picking maturity and eating ripeness. Most modern, temperature-
controlled fermentation tanks guarantee the harmonious development of the aroma. Our spirit is made of previous Rauhbrand or as intermittent spirit in the column. The raw spirits get their final touch by being stored in our cellars. When the
optimum level of maturity is reached – the process can take up to 20 years – the distillates are brought to optimal drinking strength with purest, still mineral water oft the swabian alps. This is why all our spirits are available in limited edition only – depending on the harvest quality of the season.

Specials & Liqueurs

Since founding the distillery in 1905 there are spirits which have always been part of our range: The Albwacholder spirit and the Blutwurzel spirit. These specialties are obligated to the manufacturing tradition as they are produced in 4th generation after our homemade tradition recipe – just like one hundred years ago. The Albkräuter liqueur is made of fresh herbs from the swabian alps. These are being infused with herbal distillate. Filtered afterwards and harmonized with cane sugar and spring water. This procedure gives a pure toned and in